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The Big Bang

The Big Bang

Our origin story

A short, short time ago in a verse, not that far away.....



Episode 42


Following our heroes dramatic escape from the evil clutches of the Muggle Militia, Kara Ka-Pow! and Baron von Boom scoured the Verse to find the best place to set up shop and bring something new into the world.  


Formed in 2016 with the goal of supporting new and exciting forms of performance art and artists across the known glitterverse.  They wanted to be able assist artists with resources that could help bring their art, performance pieces, and events that they were passionate about, to life.  

In 2018, while continuing with their philanthropic efforts, Kara and Baron launched their first season of live music and burlesque events in Calgary.  Partnering with the smash hit group out of Edmonton, the Burlesque Dueling Divas and an incomparable 17 piece big band out of Calgary, the Midnight Blue Jazz Band, they have been selling out houses ever since.  

"Our hope is to be able to continue to help artists bring their ideas and dreams to life while at the same time producing some of Calgary's premier live music and burlesque experiences."   ~Kara Ka-Pow!

Our Team

Our Team


Kara Ka-Pow

Producer, Burlesque Performer,

Rhinestone Dealer


Baron von Boom

Producer, Emcee, Rhinestone Artist, Cheerleader, GGoGG


Dare Reaire

Producer, Burlesque Performer

Gogo Dancer, Escape Artist 



Big Band Burlesque

Big Band Burlesque is a celebration of all things fun and sexy!  The concert space of The GRAND Theatre will be transformed into the 20’s dance hall Club Obi Wan and will be set ablaze with an all-star cast of western Canada’s premier burlesque performers.

Join us and the Midnight Blue Jazz Society, a traditional 17-piece traditional big band, as we take you on a musical journey through the last century with hints of swing, jazz, blues, latin, funk, classic rock and our own take on modern hits.


Take a bit of cranium, mix in some nerdy trivia, splash in a few classic party games, and add some of Calgary's best craft beer and you get Zoink!

The live action, audience driven board game happens at Zero Issue Brewing. The Brewery will be divided into 3 teams and rather than having to fight over who gets to be the thimble or the iron, your team will work in tandem with your real life game piece that we call an Avatar. Roll the dice and complete all the tasks to topple your competition and win the grand prize to become living legends.

Enjoy your suds and success when we wrap up the evening with an all-star performance by your very own Avatar! It could be burlesque, drag, magic, comedy, acrobatics or another form of performance art but whatever it is, we promise you will be on the edge of your seats.  Who wants another sports-pub when you can have an adventure like no other?

Nerdgasm TNG

Take some of the best nerdy burlesque, drag, comedy, spoken word, acrobatic and performance art, roll it all up into a ball and you get Nerdgasm TNG.

Celebrating all things nerdy, geeky, niche and novel, we are an inclusive show with something for everyone.  

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